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Picky town is a blog for anyone who is discerning about the kinds of foods they eat.

Welcome to Picky Town!

My name is Michael. My girlfriend’s name is Rachel. Between the two of us, we have four kids – aged 9 and 14, plus two that are 16.

Michael and Rachel in Niagara Falls
Rachel and Michael

Here’s the thing. Each of our kids have certain foods they’re not crazy about. Our kids generally don’t like spicy foods or mushrooms – and one has recently become a vegetarian.

We all have personal preferences.

There are going to be foods that we like and there will foods we don’t like. I think this is absolutely normal but it can be challenging to make meals that everyone will eat. At our house, we often wind up making different meals to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs.

Meals Are an Opportunity to Reconnect

It can be frustrating to plan meals for a family with completely different food preferences… but we feel that meals are an important way to reconnect and spend time together as a family.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles on Picky Town as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!