Why Do Picky Eaters Like Chicken Tenders? (The Lowdown!)

If you’ve ever eaten lunch with a picky eater, or you have picky tendencies yourself, you know how hard it can be to find something on the menu that is appetizing.

Chicken tenders are a delicious, deep-fried food that has become very popular with kids (and adults) who are picky eaters.

Picky eaters often default to familiar comfort foods and chicken tenders fit the bill nicely. Chicken tenders are made by coating small pieces of chicken with breading before they’re fried in hot oil. These deep-fried pieces of chicken are commonly served with fries but they taste great all by themselves as well.

If your child is a picky eater, chicken tenders are something they’ll likely eat with minimal fuss. Chicken tenders have earned a sterling reputation as one of the most common “safe” foods for picky eaters – but why do picky eaters like chicken tenders exactly?

It turns out there are several reasons!

Chicken Tenders Are Popular with American Kids

Here’s the thing. Chicken tenders are probably one of the most popular and widely available foods being served in American restaurants today.

Whether you prefer chicken nuggets, Chicken McNuggets, chicken fingers, or chicken tenders, virtually all fast-food restaurants will serve some form type of bite-sized deep-fried breaded chicken. They’re cheap and tasty… and they’ve become a fast-food fixture from coast to coast.

Happy girl sitting at a table

Chicken tenders have been a staple on kid’s menus across America for decades. Because many kids grew up eating chicken tenders when dining out, it makes perfect sense that they would continue to enjoy them as adults (picky or not)!

Chicken Tenders Have Mass Appeal

When you think about it, chicken tenders are the perfect food for picky eaters.

Chicken tenders are never spicy, which is something picky eaters avoid at all costs. On the contrary chicken tenders are usually pretty bland. They can be eaten plain or with a variety of dipping sauces, making them appropriate for a wide range of people with fussy tendencies. 

Even though they may be considered bland, chicken tenders are a good source of protein, which makes them appealing to people who might be concerned about nutrition. If you eat an entire order of chicken tenders, you won’t be hungry for a while!

Chicken Tenders Are Always the Same

You always know what you’re getting when you order chicken tenders. The always pretty similar no matter where you are. Same size, same appearance, same smell.

They also have a consistent taste and texture no matter where you order them, which is a huge benefit to picky eaters.

Chicken tenders with fries and ketchup

Why Do Picky Eaters Like Chicken Tenders?

Americans love chicken tenders.

For many people, chicken tenders were their introduction to fast food. Most people thoroughly enjoy the breaded, deep-fried goodness that comes with a comfort food like chicken tenders.

They’re a little on the bland side – but they’re the same wherever you order them. Sauce or no sauce… it’s completely up to you. What’s not to like?